Prototyping with Data

We had a workshop where we was given the task to design a movie app but I did a news feed app instead as I found it a bit more inspiring. To fake data in a more realistic way we installed the plugin Repeator that lets you mock data into repeater grids. This was a nifty plugin that I will use in the future when I have to do these kind of mockups.

XD really helps in these kind of situations. Too many times I have been doing hifi sketches in Photoshop or Illustrator and gotten feedback that some small change needs to be done and then I have to make that change in 100s of places. XD really helps in those kind of situations and Repeator supercharges the repeater grid.

I focused on the news feed screen just to play around a bit with the plugin.

Now I just have to find a plugin that lets me use JSON data or similar to have my grids show "real" data.