Speculative Project

We were introduced to the project we are going to be working on for the next 4 weeks. We are to select one of UN's Sustainable Development Goals and somehow create new knowledge around that. We started discussing what goals we wanted to work with and we landed on number 12, Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

I can see ho this could become quite political and want to focus on workers rights. I find the consumption part of the goal to be a little to bland. If you look back at what Dunne & Raby were writing about, these goals seem to land squarely in the speculative and not in the critical design corner. The goal feel a bit like lip service where we should try to find solutions that can sustain the status quo and I think more radical measures will be needed if we are to "solve" the problem of a bleak future.

Assignment: Speculative Digital Design

Brief: Generate knowledge through a speculative design approach around the theme of UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Materials: Digital Prototyping

Team: Patrik, Veronika, Snezhana, Caleb and me