Final week of prototyping

The last supervision before the presentation went well. We got good feedback and some small pointers to where we could improve before handing it in. The only point of contention was about the company website where we got the feedback that it might be good to have two separate for workers and consumers, but we think that this should be viewed more like a company overview where all the parts are presented, just like the uber homepage. The apps should be viewed as the separate portals for workers and consumers.


We presented and got some nice feedback. Our class is not the one to engage too much in critique and feedback but this presentation was better than most. I enjoyed seeing the presentations of the other groups, as I have not seen their processes.

The prototypes

We presented the following prototypes:

Web Site

We made the iSweat company website to have a starting point where you could explore the company and the apps.

The iSweat homepage

Web Shop

The consumers come in contact with the company through this webshop. The prototype was built in Adobe XD.

Worker App

Gig workers would mainly just use the worker phone app. The prototype was built in Adobe XD.

Wrap up

I think the project was a nice exercise in iteration. We were at very different point every monday, it was almost like we had to change concept every week. It shows how fast you can work when you only have to produce digital prototypes. Physical prototyping can also be fast but this was on another level. We could explore every iteration more and get a more finished prototype every time. We did a writeup of the project on the company website.