Coaching & relationships

Our latest sketches may be fun but it's more about having control and being a user. That's something we want to get away from in this module. We tried to introduce more people but we only got more chaos.

When talking to Clint we found that maybe we want to work with relationships between people rather than just where they are in space and their relationship to the camera. His feedback was also to make the project a bit more interesting by having it react to people instead of just being controlled. We should move away from music and maybe find a sample we can play. We talk about some kind of noise that can be affected by different people. After the coaching talk it feels like we have more direction and can keep moving after standing still for a bit.

Lin and I talk a lot about programming and how simple math can be used to great effect in our prototypes. Things seem more complicated than they are. We can take some shortcuts to fool people it is more complicated than it really is. She will keep doing some smaller projects while I focus on finding out more about sounds in the browser.