Coaching gets us started


We get our first coaching and we find that we might be on a stray path. Robots and gaming might not be the best way forward. Clint wants us to think about where we have been coping and what lenses apply in those instances.

He suggested that we should think about our own examples of coping and where they are in the “spectrum” of lenses. We are still very confused about what to do. We go back to the text and discuss it with fellow students.

Clint talk a lot about a glass of wine and how that appears different to different people. We should somehow focus on the novice to mastery journey.

Post coaching

Josefine talks about how working in a restaurant has a lot to do with coping. Your actions have social manipulability as you communicate with your speed and apparent busyness that you don't have time to carry out more food and how planning the carrying of dishes is important. What is done in the doing.

I had a weird social interaction with someone with noise canceling headphones last semester. Does that have anything to do with social manipulability?

We end the day with a little sketching and plan to meet up in the workshop to build something in the morning.