Draw robot draw

Drawing on previous experience

As we dive into the coping we talk about where we experienced coping in digital products. The only experience I can think of where nuance is present is when using a wacom pen and tablet. You can feel how the pressure of the pen against the tablet changes the brush on the screen. The pen has been designed with meta manipulability in mind as you can easily switch tool in the app by just flipping the pen around. You go from drawing to erasing with ease and don't have to think about it. It's also an example of how the users skill changes the use of the artefact, a beginner does not yet have great control of the brush size but the more you use it the better you get at fine grained control.

Drawing with robots
Omnia per Omnia by Sougwen Chung

A tool that moves with you

The drawing discussion led us into tools and drawing, could we make some kind of tool with a servo? Maybe a robot. Josefine found an interesting art project tat was using robots to draw and we decided to do something in that direction.

We finish the day on a high. Robots and painting seem fun.