Friday wine and workshop

Some kind of flow

Today was a productive day. In the morning I was programming the servo movement so we could make a rod move up and down to show some kind of flow. Josefine built a prototype of some kind of shape changing thing to show the motion.

We take Clint's wine example to heart and the creativity starts flowing.

As the day progressed we worked more and more together on the physical objects. The iterations got sturdier and sturdier as the first one was too flimsy. In the end we got it to work but we didn't like the result very much. The movement was long and slow and looks like some kind of breath. It didn't give the impression we where looking for. Just having the servo laying on the table with the arm moving in much smaller angles made for a more interesting movement. It felt like some kind of heartbeat. Putting your hand over it fells like crushing a small animal. Unsettling.