Helping Friends

Today I held a little workshop in the Studio to help class mates that struggle with the programming part of the project. In a couple of hours we went through a lot of questions and threw some ideas around.

Temporal Chromatic Experiments

In this first session we focused on the Diff example by Clint but expanded it by changing colors of objects. Then someone asked if it was possible to delay parts of the image to have some kind of ghost effect. I had no idea but started coding while explaining what I was doing and came up with a functional sketch of this.

Mind Lasers

We moved on to test some TensorFlow things. With the Coco SSD we experimented with trying to find the heads of people. It's not perfect but it works ok.

In helping Josefine with a question about drawing lines I suddenly connected the dots, both literally and metaphorically. Lin and I had been talking about relationships between people and and it seemed like a daunting task to calculate all this. Now I see how easy it could be.

I never thought I would think it's this much fun to hold a lecture/workshop. I always resisted the idea of teaching others. I am reconsidering. I get so much back. It is so inspiring to see what everyone else is thinking of and struggling with and I get so many ideas about what I want to do next.