Another week another concept

While Josefine was in Stockholm I have been implementing some kind of attack in our prototype. It's the time it takes to change the beat. It makes for a smoother experience where you feel the build up to a higher puls. A bit like a real heart in that it takes time to change heartbeat.

We also got some kind of sustain working where you could change the space between beats without changing the number of beats per minute. This could be useful to make it less heartlike.

Under the sea

We start thinking of coral reefs and how we can have multiple Gluewies together to form a larger whole, where the individual movement becomes less prominent. We will try to get this into some kind of emailing situation.

In this situation there is no wrong order, you will succeed whatever order you do it in but there might be an optimal order where you minimize the risk of mistakes. While you write the email and have no subject the expression will reflect this and it will look like there is some friction in "the machine", just as you can feel when you work a machine in the wrong way.