M2: Show & tell

Our show and tell went better than expected. Jens tried our prototype and was surprised by how it really felt like his own heartbeat. This echoes what we felt earlier on in the module.

Clint had some constructive and nice feedback too. He wondered if we had thought of music in our beat, like having a stronger beat ever second or fourth. I don't know how that escaped our mind but that would probably have been a nice thing to try to get away from the heart. Jens thought it might be hard to escape the heart as it felt so natural.

The take away of m2

Now when we are done I can see more clearly what Clint wanted us to explore in this module. THe title was Coping with Servos but I don't think we where supposed to work with coping. It may be a miscommunication but the focus here was nuanced expression. This was what threw us of track a few times as we where trying to get to the coping and thus invented situations to cope in.

The nuanced expression is a must have in coping and that is why we started there. It was a challenging module and our emotions where on a rollercoaster ride but I think we got close in the end. Looking back I can mostly see the positive parts of the module but I know I was very frustrated at times.

We had a lot of discussions in the class about the text and the usefulness of what we where doing and that was interesting. It's nice to discuss the texts and try your arguments to get a better understanding of the concepts we are introduced to.

Coping is something I have not thought of much in the digital world but I hope I will think of it in the future.