A copy of the minority report UI scene

Minority repeat

We spent most of last week reading, tinkering with the ML libraries and walking around the studio. This wee we started working on something inspired by the movie Minority report, one of the better Philip K Dick adaptation (some are very bad). We didn't have a clear goal but after talking a lot last week we decided to just try something out.

Just do it

Minority Report style interaction

We talked a lot about different gestures and what they could mean, and how you could complete certain actions. When we started to just prototype the movement we got new insights and ideas. While trying it out we decided that a general computer UI was not whet we wanted to do, we instead decided to focus on music. Music was our theme in module 1 and it seemed fitting to have it here too.

We talked a lot about what different gestures could mean for our imaginary music player and once again got stuck a bit in the theory. After a while we just went to a white board and imagined that as our interface. When we started to gesturing and finding the actions we wanted, Lin brought up the idea of not being sure when you press play. I, stuck in a binary mind set, was skeptical of this but this lead us into to actions where you are not sure.

Not so sure

We started playing with skipping tracks in a more nuanced way. Maybe you can peek at the next track and slowly and gradually start to play it, or if you don't like it, just not skip to that track. This was interesting to me as I never saw these nuances before. In my mind the only nuanced action in music players are volume controls and scrubbing.

Gesture controls for music player

We got a bit stuck here, we had some easy gestures for some actions but others felt contrived and at times didn't even feel good. In our coaching with Clint he suggested we could try interacting with real objects to see how that manipulation is played out.