Nuance and Gluewie

We try to get some more nuance into our project by adding some concepts from syths. Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release (ADSR) is a breakdown of what happens when you press a synth key. The attack is the time it takes to get to max volume, decay is what gets you from there to the sustained tone wile holding the key and the release is how the tone fades away.

A sketch showing the concept of ADSR

I start trying to implement some of this while Josefine tries to find new ways to express the beat. She constructs Gluewie, the gluestick/feather thingy that rolls against your skin and tickles you with feathers. It's not the greatest success.

Gluewie, a character made of a gluestick and a feather

Stealing as prototyping

We also steal a prototype from Patrik And Kornelia to test a constricting expression. This was one of my first thoughts to go with early on in the project but it felt like it could be a bit to much just for laughs. The prototype works good but is not better than what we have so we stick to our direction.


Clint asks if we are to restricted by heartbeat and if it is really nuanced or is it just on/off. I disagree as I think the beat is not in itself a complete heartbeat, the heartbeat is the strength, the distance between beats and more. We might want to work more on this though, to get more dimensions in there.

During the coaching we talk about how Gluewie is almost like a coral reef or jellyfish when he moves. This is intriguing and Josefine and I start thinking of concepts like that. We decide to diverge our thinking next week and come up with different ways of expressing the flow in a more visual form.