We went through this module with great insecurity. It felt like we never had it under control until the last week. It was a good experience for me, to have to find my footing at times.

Tracking movements when handling objects

The presentation went ok today. We had some critique about the visualization of the movement but I am pleased overall. These actions might not have been the best suited for machine learning but it is interesting to explore the limitations of the tech as well. It made us think more about the movement in the terms the two papers talked about. We also kept away from making a flashy demo and I think that was a plus for us. In module one we spent to much time on making graphics and that was not the case here.

This course has been an interesting one. Working with the basic ideas of interaction and exploring it in different ways has really been educational and enjoyable. There has also been more focus on the texts and that has been really helpful for me. I'm not always the best one on reading text but in this course I have leveled up my reading discipline.