Screen time

We feel the time running and have to decide on a situation. We go through our earlier ideas and decide to ideate on three of them.

Post-it notes with ideas

Doctors with patients

Ideation on doctor patient situation

We ideate on the patient/doctor situation. This was probably the favorite situation before the ideation but we found it a it boring afterwards, we also worry that our experience in this field may be very limited.

Patrolling police

Ideation on police with multiple screens

If we would pick the police we would likely go into a dark and speculative design. It would be very political and with the short time we have on the project it could fall flat and just be a "black mirror reject".

The restaurant kitchen

Ideating on cooking with screens

This was our least favorite situation coming in, but when we started to explore the idea, it grew on us. I like the idea of using many small screens with specialized information and a large screen with. The worry is that we are biting off more than we can chew, there is a lot to deign and prototype and we only have two days.

A sketch of how the screens and systems will work in the kitchen

We decide to work on this and start to wireframe the different screens. Tomorrow we will have to make a storyboard and film it in a kitchen. We got permission to film it in the university cafeteria.